Robert Burkhart, Christian Comedy, Christian Humorist, Clean Comedy, Comedian, Clean Comedian, Kemah, Houston

Playin’ In The Reign !
                 Robert & his Darling Bride, Melanie, 
         lead a Marriage Retreat Weekend like no other! 

    If you’re looking for one of those weepy, “now, share your deepest 
  fear with your spouse” kind of weekends - this ain’t fer you! With Robert and Melanie’s skits, musical mayhem & humor you will be transported back to the joy of your relationship when it was new! Grounded in the Word, among other topics we’ll look at pitfalls & help for the chronically, romantically impaired, with “Let’s Get Ready   
  To Rumble!” and other helpful, always encouraging, sessions filled with laughter! 

      Everyone will learn that “they have the marriage that they settled for.” And 
           how it’s not too late to get back to that ideal marriage that 2 young lovers 
                    once shared!  (Yeah Baby!)
Basic Life Truth #2: Everybody Loves to Laugh!

Basic Life Truth #1: click hereTruth.html

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