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Playin’ In The Reign !
            Basic Life Truth #1:
            Everybody Needs Forgiveness

                           I was raised in church. It was a drag. Nobody smiled there. The only fun was one week out of the year, when we did             
                          Vacation Bible School. The music wasn’t what we listened to outside of church. The preacher spoke a language that I         
                 obviously couldn’t understand. It was a Sunday Morning thing. There was church… then there was real life.
     When I was 22, while watching TV, I was confronted with the fact that just knowing about JESUS, and even believing in Him, wasn’t 
  enough. The man on TV shared from James 2:19. He said - You believe in JESUS. Great. Even the demons believe in Him, but they 
don’t have a relationship with Him. They are just scared to death of Him.
I thought - wow, that’s me. But I honestly thought if I became a Christian I couldn’t have fun anymore. The “Christians” that I knew didn’t seem to have any fun at all. They were almost proud of that fact. But faced with my need for forgiveness, I told GOD that if it was either having fun or being forgiven, I’d rather be forgiven. I gave my life to JESUS Christ. Ask Him to come into my life, forgive me and make me His own.
I think GOD must have snickered a little bit when I told Him I’d rather be forgiven than have fun. Because He opened my eyes and my heart to go well beyond fun, to pure joy! I have more fun now than I ever had before. Real live fun! Not some pious, religious, deeply fulfilling sense of awe and wonder - I’m talking about fun! I don’t know why the “Christians” I knew were not full of joy and having the time of their lives walking with Christ.
      To receive GOD’s gift of Forgiveness you must receive JESUS Christ. He gave  His life freely, that those who receive Him would   
         receive forgiveness and be made right with GOD.  (John 1:12) 

                 For me, it was all by myself at about 3:AM watching TV. What about you? What about right now? Receive GOD’s gift of 
                  forgiveness & eternal life in His Son JESUS Christ. (Romans 6:23) For more help email me. I’d love the opportunity to share
                         what Christ has done for me.